[Guide] Official Site Top-Up Guide

2021/02/24 00:00

Hey there!💙💙

How to get the best deals?🤔

This time...
We'll be introducing how to top up on the 9Splay Official Site!

Make a successful purchase in just 5 minutes!
Fast, simple top-up process!👏

Let's get started!!


Click on the 9S Monkey logo -> "Quick Login"

Once the browser has been launched, you can enter the official site.


Select "Abysswalker" on the official site -> "Shop" -> Click on the products you wish to purchase


Select the Server and Character Name you wish to top up.
-> Select "Payment Method"
-> After filling out the invoice, read and confirm the User Agreement and Privacy Policy Agreement.
-> After filling in credit card info, read and accept the Terms of Service to complete the purchase!


There's more!👨‍🏫👨‍🏫
You can now view the top-up history for the last three months🎉

Track your purchase orders and receipts anytime!
If you encounter any issues during top-up, you can take screenshots and report them to Customer Service.

Select "Member" on the official site -> "Redemption" -> "Top-Up History"

Give it a try!

If you have any questions after reading this...
Feel free to contact our Customer Service anytime!!

We'll gladly answer all of your questions!

You can also check out the Login Guide!

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